Business and Labor Law

Owning your own business is a dream you’ve had for quite a while. Now it’s time to make the dream a reality. You’re ready to open your doors and take on the title of “entrepreneur.”

But you’re not just any entrepreneur – You’re a smart entrepreneur. You know that getting your business in order is just as important as offering a quality service or product.

With Lisa’s help, you can move forward quickly and easily. She’ll make sure the legal “I’s” are dotted and the “T’s” are crossed.

Starting a business is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. Deciding on the form of business is just as important. You need to take into account:

• Finances
• Taxes
• Exposure to liability
• Ownership succession

Sole proprietorship, a partnership, a corporation or a limited liability company (LLC)?  Lisa will discuss options available to you.

Business Start-up / Business Formation
To get a business up and running, you will need to:

• Choose and register the business name
• Write a business plan
• Obtain licensing and permits required by law
• Purchase insurance
• Comply with government regulations and legal notice requirements
• Hire employees
• Draft an employee handbook
• Train employees
• Develop policies and procedures
• Lease a commercial space or equipment

With time, you may also need to draft a buy-sell contract, negotiate a written agreement with vendors, or create a succession plan.

Working with Lisa from the start means having access to legal information and guidance that helps you make sound decisions and reach goals faster. Lisa will draft and review the legal documents you need.

Business Management
You’ve got to be up to date, complying with state and federal laws.  Lisa can help.

Your employee handbook
To avoid legal difficulties later, you should establish employee policies and procedures, early. Defining employee expectations in writing may limit miscommunication and encourage everyone to work together as a team.

Lisa can develop or review your employee handbook, evaluating important legal issues such as:
• Equal Employment Opportunity
• Anti-harassment and disability accommodation policies
• Hiring practices
• Employee classifications
• Compensation and benefits
• Leave policies
• Attendance
• Personnel records
• Intellectual property
• Employee conduct
• Discipline
• Termination
• Severance packages


Business Start-Up Packages
Smart entrepreneurs understand how legal matters impact the success of their business. That’s why you need to protect your business. Lisa offers three initial and ongoing Business Start-Up Packages to fit your needs:

Level One:
Business formation documents

Level Two:
Business formation documents
A draft or review of the Employee handbook

Level Three:
Business formation documents
A review of your Employee Handbook
Monthly consultations

Experience where it counts
Lisa grew up in a family of small business owners. Her grandparents owned a small Thoroughbred race horse farm in Lexington, KY for several years. There, Lisa’s first jobs included mucking stalls and grooming horses.  Her grandmother ran an oil lease-records firm in Lexington, Oklahoma City and Houston. Lisa started working in her grandmother’s office in eighth grade and continued to work there until she went to college.

As an attorney, Lisa has experience setting up a business, negotiating commercial agreements for space and services, and drafting service contracts. Her small business clients have included ranch owners, commercial landscape designers, and construction sub-contractors.

Your legal issues are important — that’s why you deserve an attorney who offers you consideration and peace of mind. Call Lisa today at 210.863.7472.